Finding the best jeans to add to your wardrobe can be fun, exciting, but sometimes frustrating; a multitude of styles to choose from; a variety of colours and textures; and, of course, their prevalence in the fashion industry make jeans the type of pants a lot of us turn to most often. However, when suffering with weight issues, finding the best fitting jeans can be a very difficult task. Choose the wrong material, style or fit and you could have a fashion disaster on your hands! On the other hand, if you are in great shape, and need to find the best skinny jeans, then you may have an easier time accomplishing this as there are a variety of denim jeans, designer jeans, and tight jeans to choose from.

Having the perfect jeans in a women’s wardrobe is equaled to having that little black dress, it is a definite essential. There are important factors to consider when shopping for that best jeans for you. The best jeans will have the best fit for your body type. So take into consideration your body type, first. You want your jeans to fit your body properly in each area. It is so frustrating whenever you find that pair of jeans that makes your butt appear incredible, but the legs are baggy or the waist is too tight. Next you should take into consideration the jeans itself. The style, color, rise and length of the jeans will determine what will look best on you.

So we determined that there are two important factors in finding the best jeans for you. Your body type and the cut and style of the jeans. Knowing your body type in relation to the cut and style of the jeans will point you towards the right direction of the perfect jeans. It’s all about accentuating the positives and hiding the negatives with balance and proportion. Ultimately focusing on the goal of a long and lean body.