Body Type and The Jeans For You

Rectangular Shape(straight): shoulder and hips are equal, straight up and down with no waist usually short-waisted
Goal-  create a curvier look with a waist, elongating your torso
Avoid-   straight cut and baggy jeans

Best Jeans for you:  boot cut and flares/ med to low rise

Inverted Triangle Shape(pear): top heavy with broad shoulders usually with a butt and stomach
Goal-  divert attention from bust and shoulder area and enhance your bottom half
Avoid-  tapered and straight-legged cuts, jeans without pockets

Best Jeans for you:  medium flares and  boot cut/ med to high  rise

Full Rounded Shape(plus size): full all over with a shorter waist
Goal-  elongating the whole body
Avoid-  pleats, tapered cuts, capris and small or pocketless jeans, no distressing rinses

Best Jeans for you:  straight and boot cut with slight flare/med rise

Hourglass Shaped (curvy):  even curves on top and bottom, the perfect body, small waisted
Goal- find a jeans that ca fit over your hips and still fit properly at the waist.
Avoid-  baggy and too tight jeans
Best Jeans for you:  boot cut and straight leg/med rise

Petite Shaped:  short or short-legged

  • Goal- create length and height
  • Avoid-  flares, baggy jeans and capris

Best Jeans for you:  boot cut with slight flare, skinny and straight leg/med to low rise

Other important factors in selecting the best jeans

Washes– a general rule of thumb, darker washes always slims you

Length–  for creating the long lean look, opt for  a longer length and always wear  heels.

Waist– for a shorter waist, opt for a contoured waistband  and med to low rise

Pockets– size and placement are important, for bigger butts never wear a jeans with small pockets and embellishing, or pocket placed too far apart.