The Best Fitting Jeans

The Best Fitting JeansIn the majority of wardrobes individuals have at least one pair of blue jeans as a staple item. The only issue is that everybody is shaped differently; as a result, we all need jeans that are shaped differently. The best approach to finding a pair of best fitting jeans is to look for a pair which is flattering to your specific figure.

Test out the fit of the waist. The jeans are supposed to snugly fit near the waist. Jeans that are gaping will not be attractive on any individual. A number of jeans which are specifically designed for younger persons, like the ones from the juniors’ department are created for individuals that have only a few curves. In the event that you are an individual with curves, irrespective of your age, perhaps you will have better results getting your jeans in the ladies department rather than the juniors’ section.

The Best Fitting Jeans for Ladies

Ladies’ jeans are designed with a rise that is higher to some extent, which will get rid of or minimize the “muffin top” effect where the tummy bulges at the waistband of the jeans. In addition, these types of jeans will decrease the incidences of your underwear sticking out at the back of your denims whenever you bend over or squat down in view of the fact that they are designed for individuals with a smaller waist and hips. Jeans which are designed with a waistband that is slightly under the belly button are well suited for the majority of individuals.

Stay away from jeans which are skinny in the ankles in the event that you are an individual who has larger hips. This style of jeans draws attention to your tummy and hips. Make the choice of jeans which are the same width in the thigh as they are in the ankles as a means of streamlining the body.
Go for jeans in dark wash denim if a slimming look is what you are looking for. Dark colors will provide you with a slimming effect. Steer clear of distressing and embellishments on parts of the body which you would like to have camouflaged.

The Best Fitting Jeans For Your Body Type

Try on a number of jeans styles for the purpose of figuring out which ones are the best fitting jeans for your specific body type. Not because it looks amazing on your sister does not mean you will achieve the same look in those particular best fitting jeans.