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This particular brand of jeans is seen worn by young celebs today. Jessica Simpson, Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz, Sophia Bush are among the few that are seen in photographs wearing these jeans. Reviews are favorable due to the high quality of the jeans, a great fit on your body and the also important all around comfort. What more can you ask for, t[Read More]
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This jeans has a flare leg trouser fit with square front pockets and snaps on the back pockets. Great for days when you want to dress the part of casual chic. By William Rast. Typical jeans like these are seen worn by celebs such as Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba.

Finding the best jeans to add to your wardrobe can be fun, exciting, but sometimes frustrating; a multitude of styles to choose from; a variety of colours and textures; and, of course, their prevalence in the fashion industry make jeans the type of pants a lot of us turn to most often. However, when suffering with weight issues, finding the best fitting jeans can be a very difficult task. Choose the wrong material, style or fit and you could have a fashion disaster on your hands! On the other hand, if you are in great shape, and need to find the best skinny jeans, then you may have an easier time accomplishing this as there are a variety of denim jeans, designer jeans, and tight jeans to choose from.

Having the perfect jeans in a women’s wardrobe is equaled to having that little black dress, it is a definite essential. There are important factors to consider when shopping for that best jeans for you. The best jeans will have the best fit for your body type. So take into consideration your body type, first. You want your jeans to fit your body properly in each area. It is so frustrating whenever you find that pair of jeans that makes your butt appear incredible, but the legs are baggy or the waist is too tight. Next you should take into consideration the jeans itself. The style, color, rise and length of the jeans will determine what will look best on you.

So we determined that there are two important factors in finding the best jeans for you. Your body type and the cut and style of the jeans. Knowing your body type in relation to the cut and style of the jeans will point you towards the right direction of the perfect jeans. It’s all about accentuating the positives and hiding the negatives with balance and proportion. Ultimately focusing on the goal of a long and lean body.

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One of our favorite picks for plus sized women. This jeans has a patent pending criss-cross tummy control built in waist area. It focuses on problem areas around the hip and stomach area. The stretch fit fabric gives you control with comfort.
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This is one of our picks for the best skinny jeans. As seen on many of today's Hollywood reality stars such as Audrina Patridge from the Hills. These are a favorite cut, style and brand of jeans that are hip and in style today. So be a part of the celebrity elite and dress as well or look even better in your Paige Premium, Hidden Hills Skinny Je[Read More]
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A favorite of Jennifer Aniston, these are another best rated jeans. A boot cut style that has now become the all around best-selling jeans out there.It never fail, it give almost every body type the best look. It's your go to jeans that you'll want to wear everyday.
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This is one of our favorite's in our everyday category. A bootcut jean will give you the most flattering look above all other jeans. A higher rise helping problem area around the stomach. A medium to dark wash also gives the best long and lean look.

Body Type and The Jeans For You

Rectangular Shape(straight): shoulder and hips are equal, straight up and down with no waist usually short-waisted
Goal-  create a curvier look with a waist, elongating your torso
Avoid-   straight cut and baggy jeans

Best Jeans for you:  boot cut and flares/ med to low rise

Inverted Triangle Shape(pear): top heavy with broad shoulders usually with a butt and stomach
Goal-  divert attention from bust and shoulder area and enhance your bottom half
Avoid-  tapered and straight-legged cuts, jeans without pockets

Best Jeans for you:  medium flares and  boot cut/ med to high  rise

Full Rounded Shape(plus size): full all over with a shorter waist
Goal-  elongating the whole body
Avoid-  pleats, tapered cuts, capris and small or pocketless jeans, no distressing rinses

Best Jeans for you:  straight and boot cut with slight flare/med rise

Hourglass Shaped (curvy):  even curves on top and bottom, the perfect body, small waisted
Goal- find a jeans that ca fit over your hips and still fit properly at the waist.
Avoid-  baggy and too tight jeans
Best Jeans for you:  boot cut and straight leg/med rise

Petite Shaped:  short or short-legged

  • Goal- create length and height
  • Avoid-  flares, baggy jeans and capris

Best Jeans for you:  boot cut with slight flare, skinny and straight leg/med to low rise

Other important factors in selecting the best jeans

Washes– a general rule of thumb, darker washes always slims you

Length–  for creating the long lean look, opt for  a longer length and always wear  heels.

Waist– for a shorter waist, opt for a contoured waistband  and med to low rise

Pockets– size and placement are important, for bigger butts never wear a jeans with small pockets and embellishing, or pocket placed too far apart.

So which are the best jeans that are both stylish and comfortable?

Before we think about the suggestions of design or material, allow us first consider a appear in the suit. The most essential point when picking a pair of jeans is to make sure they fit your entire body correctly. It’s so frustrating whenever you find that pair of jeans that makes your butt appear amazing, however the legs are baggy, or even the legs suit like a dream, however the waist is too tight! Unless of course you’re willing to spend extra cash at a tailor or occur to become good at sewing yourself, you should in no way settle for ill-fitting jeans. If you really can’t bear the thought of coming house empty handed attempt just focusing about the fit around the waist as this is exactly where your muffin best will spring up when the jeans are too limited. Keep in mind although, it’s feasible to find the perfect set with a little time and patience.

The best jeans fabric can possibly make or break a pair of jeans.

It is a good idea to choose jeans created with stretchy material so that there’s a little give if a single area is just a little snug while the remainder fits perfectly. I’d also recommend putting on darker colours so as to not attract consideration to your lower fifty percent. This also enables you to team the jeans having a wider variety of tops.

Style is a main element when choosing the best jeans..

Select something you are comfortable with and not some thing that is in style just for the sake of it – I’ve found out that something having a flare at the bottom is not my buddy. Avoid low go up jeans at all expenses! These are the worst culprits with regards to muffin best as they are so unforgiving and can dig in exactly where you truly do not want them to. Attempt to go for a medium waistband rather – you are able to usually wear a lengthier best to cover up exactly where it rests on you. General, the best jeans will be:

  • A perfect fit around the waist (and preferably the remainder of the lower body as well)
  • Created of stretch denim
  • Dark in colour
  • A design that suits your body type and creates you really feel comfy
  • Relatively med waisted